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Compact size Super-Heated Steam Grill

Increasing Deliciousness by a variation of recipes from boild dishes to Grilled and Steamed foods.
Newly innovated concept for cooking
"Grilled by Super-Heated Stream"
Exercising the development of new Recipe and menu using the unique texture with Fluffy inside,
and crispy outside, applicable for Steamed and boiled dishes as well

  • Scheme of Super-Heated Steam
  • Scheme of Super-Heated Steam
  • Super-Heated Steam is a transparent gas that is created by heating saturated steam to a temperature of more than 100 degree Celsisus.
    Naomoto has innovated this new epoch-making concept and applied it to the cooking utilizing Super-Heated Steam.
  • Scheme of 350 Steam DC Oven
  • Scheme of 350 Steam DC Oven
  • "350 Steam DC Oven" has the ability to maximize the characteristic of Super-Heated Steam by applying it directly to the material, which is different from traditional steam convection oven or Microwave.

NAOMOTO Steam's Special quality

Complete gas
Steam of other machine's is not always gas but mist including moisture. On the other hand, our Steam is a transparent complete gas. It makes huge differences for the quality of food ingredients
Heating & Pressurizing
At first, for turning into gas, add heating and pressurizing to steam made by heater.
NAOMOTO's Super-Heated Steam is created by further more heating from this stage. Steam will be liquefied instantly by contacting on food materials, enabling much latent heat to be transmitted.

「Super-Heated Steam」will change the cooking common sense, the secret is rich calirific value.

Normally, water is needed 1cal of calorific value when rise or drop 1℃ of their temperature under 1g of water. And in case of steam, 1g of steam is needed 0.5cal of calorific value when rise or drop 1℃.
Then, when the water at 100℃ is changed into steam at 100℃, calorific value is needed 539cal per 1g. And also in reverse case, that 100℃ steam is changed to 100℃ water, the same calorific value is needed as 539cal. it is called "condensation heat". step2
「350 Steam DC Oven」's Super-Heated Steam at 350℃ will be changed into 100℃ water instantly when it's contacted on surface of the materials.
This movement in calorific value can be shown in the below numerical formula.

Super-Heated Steam has 6.64 times as much calorific value as water at 100℃!
The Dryness time relation between Super-Heated Steam and Hot Air.
Super-Heated Steam contains massive amount of calories, Since it enables to give them instantly onto the food ingredients,heat soaks quickly into the inside of the food.

By Direct Application of Super-heated Steam, the surface of the food ingredients are heated and grilled up instantly.

The effect of Far-Infrared Rays, means that food can be heated up quickly from the inside.
A Chicken Breast slice heating behavior
  Suitable conditions of Protein calcinations
Food ingredients are cooked like wrapping them in steam, retaining their own juicy taste.
Since there are little drippings from food ingredients during the cooking process, frozen food can be cooked without defrosting.
Of course, the raw ingredients can be cooked with a fluffy inside and crispy outside, controlling excessive dryness.
Amount of Fre  Amino Acid in separate heating temperatures
Very healthy since cooking only requires oil contents originally they have in the ingredients.

The food ingredients are covered with Super-heated Steam so that the material is cooked in an Oxygen-free condition. Therefore, the material will not be oxidized, and good taste can be retained for a long time.

Pleanty of Nutrition value such as Free Amino Acid, Vitamine etc will be sealed in during the cooking process.

Further compact size

Reducing the size 40% by volume ratio compared to counter top type 350 Steam DC Oven. Of course, original Super-Heated Steam is retained.

Varity of function,User friendly,and safe

control menu
Pre-Setting of 6 simple one-touch functions
Presetting of temperature/Steam Amount/Time of Super-Heated Steam can be selected for 6 different menus with one-touch operation.
Error indication and Overhaul indication*
To operate this product safely, Buzzer and error number will alert you when a mechanical error occurs. Also, when the operating time exceeds more than 1,500 hours, the overhaul indication will be displayed indicating that the checkup is necessary.
*It will be shown at Digital indicator.
Cleaning Switch
The inside of the oven will be cleaned by applying the cleaning switch. If the smear is very thick, it can be washed away with the cleaning gun.
No Odor spreading to other ingredients
As the Inside of the Oven is filled with Super-Heated Steam, it prevents material odors from spreading to other material.
Different material can be cooked simultaneously
As it is possible to open the hatch during cooking, other materials can be inserted anytime into the oven. Even if another order is taken, the cooking process can be started immediately.
cooking image